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The whole world is grasping for guidance.  Self-help books are selling at an all-time high.

People are seeking advice on everything from how to be a better person, to how to be successful in business, how to improve our relationships, and how to achieve optimal health.  As Muslims we should always be striving to improve ourselves in every area of our lives.  But sometimes in all our searching, we forget the timeless wisdom of our own faith.

What do people really need to know about Islam?  Not just to fill a gap in their knowledge, but to truly appreciate it in their hearts and minds, so much so that they turn to it for guidance in all areas of their lives?

Some have tried to help us by attempting to summarize the entirety of Islam – starting with the five pillars of Islam, the six pillars of eman, and so on.

But people are tired of being taught the same basics over and over again.

Some try by reminding us why we need to fear Allah.

It’s not that we shouldn’t fear Him – He deserves our reverence, our awe – but it’s not a starting point.

Some try by reminding us about all the do’s and don’ts.

Those are important too, but again they are not a starting point.  They come later, once faith is firmly established in the heart.

What if there was a way to understand the fundamental structures that define all of Islam?  Not an explanation of the beliefs, laws, and moral code, but the foundational principles from which the beliefs, laws, and moral code are derived?

There is a way.  That way is the Islamic sciences.

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