Assalamu alaikum, I’m Aisha, and I help high-achieving Muslims just like you feel more confident of your faith and Muslim identity, while living your best life.

And here’s something that can help you right now.

Have you ever been stuck in a difficult or awkward conversation about Islam and didn’t know what to say?

Then check out this brand new guide I created just for you, called “What Not To Say When Talking About Islam”.

This short pdf covers 9 different scenarios that you may encounter including:

How to talk to:

  • the friendly guy at work
  • the mean guy at work
  • a Muslim who is drifting away from Islam
  • a Muslim who is struggling but still holding on
  • a young person at the masjid
  • a new convert you just met

And how to answer common questions like:

  • “tell me about Islam”
  • “how does Islam treat women”
  • “are you religious or moderate”

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