Here’s what others have said

Ramadan Prep workshop on April 2, 2020

“JazakAllahukhairan Sr Aisha for such a beautiful session InShaAllah I will definitely benefit from your suggestions. You have presented so coherently. I will take your advice regarding consistency and making dua first besides setting up two simple and achievable goals during this Ramadan.”

“I’ll definitely try this approach this Ramadan inshallah… Definitely different because usually I start with following a checklist with multiple tasks to get thru and then start burning out till the last 10 days and then the regret of burning out starts taking a toll…”

“I like the idea of picking 2 things to work on. Often time we try to “do it all” and end up failing.”

Interfaith Engagement Workshop on March 6, 2020

“Very informative and interesting.  Enjoyed how informal the speaker made it. I think it would perhaps be helpful to have this presentation at a monthly dinner at IAGD in order to spread the word to a larger audience. Thank you!”

“Our volunteers and committee members were very motivated with your presentation Alhumdullilah”.

Unapologetically Muslim talk on January 30, 2020

“She gave a very beneficial talk at the University of Michigan. Her insights should be heard by all Muslims and non-Muslims.”

Educational Workshop on December 4, 2019

“Dear Aisha, Please accept my warmest thanks and congratulations for the wonderful presentation you gave at the workshop yesterday for the AAPS counselors!  I was very impressed by its high level of professionalism and accessibility… Thank you, again, Aisha!”  

Unapologetically Muslim keynote on September 14, 2019

“I just wanted to thank you again so much for coming and being our guest speaker last night! You truly made our event! I throughly enjoyed your talk and it really made me think about some things that I am struggling with at the moment and gave me some perspective. With the monotony of our usually fixed schedules and the thousands of tasks we try to cram in our days, it is easy to lose ourselves in anything and everything. But thats not a way to live and I admire the way you conveyed that message through prioritizing our deen and what we love. Your words really touched me. I hope inshallah our paths cross again in the future. It was such a pleasure to meet you and I wish you safe travels back home!” 

Unapologetically Muslim workshop on March 22, 2019

“We had Sr Aisha give a Talk at a youth event on Friday and we all loved the workshop style talk she gave! Left us all with lots of insightful thoughts, and gems! We are planning to have her back for a part 2!”

Unapologetically Muslim workshop on September 8, 2018

“Great to hear a sister talking about the importance of investing in ourselves.  Jazakallah Khair.”

“The interactive style really keeps minds engaged.  Keep up the good work!”

“This was a beautiful program and very beneficial.”

“I appreciate your style of lecturing.  Very easy to follow along. Mashallah, sister.”

Unapologetically Muslim workshop on July 22, 2018

“Loved the communication. You are an amazing speaker.”

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